Peer-to-Peer Exchange | Moving Beyond Flat Reporting: How Dynamic Insights Arms Compliance and Ethics Leaders to Be Proactive Hosted by Convercent

The role of the compliance and ethics executive is increasingly changing. With more resources, greater access and visibility to the CEO and Board, there is more impetus than ever before for C&E leaders and practitioners to demonstrate the positive correlation of bottom-line value with business performance.

While reporting provides data, tables, charts and trends, this information is flat and leaves C&E executives with little to act on. Convercent’s Insights module provides interactivity, flexible segmentation and rich data visualizations. This dynamic functionality enables C&E leaders and practitioners to easily spot patterns, identify correlations, determine causality, and ultimately, predict what may happen under similar future conditions or circumstances.

Join us for this highly interactive roundtable to hear—and share—how organizations bringing the C&E function to an entirely new level, utilizing company and external data, surfacing risky behaviors and conditions, and driving program performance and ROI forward.

Discussion Lead:  Philip Winterburn, Chief Product Officer, Convercent