Plenary Session 2 | Company Culture: Measuring the Integrity of Your Organization

The foundation of organizational integrity is closely linked to the ethical culture of the company. Believing you have an ethical culture is always important, but what information are companies turning to in order to support those beliefs? As data-focused as companies tend to be, metrics that bring the culture into clearer view are still evolving. Often employee engagement surveys will offer insight, but many gaps are left unexposed. This diverse panel will share the emerging trends and the information they leverage to measure the culture of integrity and take the necessary steps to nurture and improve.

Mike Eichenwald, Senior Advisor, Governance, Culture and Leadership, LRN
Sonny Cave, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Corporate Secretary, ON Semiconductor
Lucy Fato, General Counsel, Managing Director and Head of the Americas
Al Rosa, Chief Compliance Director and Senior Executive Counsel, GE