Plenary Session 3 | The Ethics of Big Data

The access that companies now have to big data has raised many questions around its collection, use, and analysis. The more data gathered, the smarter the company, which can be a huge benefit to both compliance and business leaders, as well as customers. Yet companies still wrestle with how this information is gathered, curated and shared. What are the evolving ethical boundaries around this information? How does the use of data make for better company transparency and better inform key internal stakeholders, such as compliance and legal teams? And what is the company’s responsibility around managing data with third parties? This session will examine some of the evolving, and often sensitive, decisions companies need to make as they shepherd a seemingly infinite universe of data.

Control Risks
Damien Atkins, General Counsel and Secretary, Panasonic Corporation of North America
Richard Buchband, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, ManpowerGroup
Brian Beeghly, Former Vice President of Compliance at Johnson Controls; Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, informed360