Afternoon Breakout Session 3 | Information Governance: Is Compliance Where it Needs to Be?

In the current business climate, addressing information governance within the company can be an overwhelming experience. The threat landscape to data – both internal and external – comes in many forms. Taken in the aggregate, the risk associated with these threats is enormous, highly complex and the methods of attack are alarmingly sophisticated. As a result, information governance is a top concern at both the executive management and board levels, as it is now for compliance. Connecting these elaborate pieces is increasingly a multi-disciplinary level of responsibility within the company, where close management and collaboration are key. This panel will address internal strategy at an enterprise level and the models often needed to manage and monitor how data is governed used while at the same time mitigating the risk to corporate information.

Pamela Passman, President and CEO, Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (
Aryeh Friedman, VP, Associate General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, Dun & Bradstreet
Avis Russell, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Parsons Corporation
K.C. Turan, Senior Vice President, Chief Risk, Compliance & Ethics Officer of UPMC Insurance Services.