Breakout Session 3 | Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Risk and the Need for Transparency

Regardless of industry, most companies have an extensive network driving the acquisition of goods and materials it needs. Collaboration with third parties and the supply chain is a key part to the process. Ethics and transparency is essential to empower these partnerships to make the right decisions and give them a higher purpose. What are the steps needed to ensure that the company’s efforts, and that of its supply chain, are operating ethically? How can compliance best measure and manage risk across a global sourcing frameworks? How do you address conflicting standards and regulation, in areas like environmental conservation and labor? This panel will focus on establishing better standards which enable both the company and its suppliers to make ethical decisions and positively impact the business environment at the source.

Sean Cady, Vice President, Global Responsible Sourcing, VF Corporation
Jeff Rice, Senior Director, Responsible Sourcing Governance, Walmart
Tensie Whelan, Director, Center for Sustainable Business, NYU Stern School of Business