What Participants Say

We’re in the midst of a societal shift where ‘doing the right thing’ isn’t just the new social currency, it is increasingly viewed as a business currency. Ethisphere has built a platform that allows like-minded businesses to jointly innovate for the betterment of society.
Brad Katsuyama, President & Chief Executive Officer, IEX Group and focus of Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys”

The thing that’s unique about the Global Ethics Summit is you get a mix of the nuts and bolts from the panels that are led by compliance officers and chief ethics officers but you also get the big picture from CEOs, private equity leaders and business leaders telling us what they need from our legal departments. I can take all of that, synthesize it and say, ‘here’s the big picture and here is how it translates into what I need to do on a daily basis,’ and I think that is unique amongst the conferences.
James Williams, Former General Counsel, Liquidity Services

This was, by leaps and bounds, the best conceived and executed conference I have attended in many years. The quality of the speakers and integration of multiple topics was masterful.
Jerome Harper, VP, CSR, Northern Trust

The gala and summit are the best events we attend all year.
Debra Clements, SVP, Sr. GC & Corporate Secretary,
Milliken & Co.

You have all done a first-rate job with this meeting. The panels were interesting and engaging. Congratulations. The best part is the confirmation that I am able to derive that our program is on course.
Brian Leddin, VP, CECO, C. R. Bard