Hentie Dirker Chief Compliance Officer
SNC-Lavalin Group, Inc.

Dr. Hentie Dirker as the Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for the firm’s overall compliance posture and infrastructure with the goal of creating a program recognized as benchmark within the sectors where the company operates.  Compliance refers principally to ethics and compliance for which the CCO will have functional line responsibility but also includes oversight, design validation and monitoring of the posture of the functions responsible for other aspects of the firm’s need to comply including export controls and trade sanctions

Dr. Dirker joins SNC-Lavalin from Siemens where he was previously the Regional Compliance Officer for Canada. He began his career with Siemens in 1993 and held various management positions. Prior to joining Siemens Canada in June 2009, Hentie was the Deputy Regional Compliance Officer for Siemens South Africa and was responsible for the implementation of the compliance program for that region.

Dr. Dirker is the immediate past chair of the board of directors for the EthicsCentre of Canada, an organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining an ethical orientation and culture in Canadian organizations.

He holds an Electrical and Electronic Degree in Engineering as well as a Masters Degree in Engineering Management with a thesis on cost controlling within a project environment. He has also successfully completed his Doctoral studies in Engineering Management with a focus on industrial distribution channel sales and marketing.