Jeff Rice Senior Director, Responsible Sourcing

Jeff Rice is Senior Director, Responsible Sourcing at Walmart. His team is responsible for the department’s strategy, planning and budgeting as well as supplier and program governance, incident management and communication. He also co-leads several initiatives aimed at increasing the effectiveness of Walmart’s supply chain social compliance programs. Prior to his current role Jeff served as Senior Director of Sustainability and was responsible for supporting product and supply chain sustainability initiatives for Walmart globally.

Before joining the Sustainability team at Walmart, Jeff served as Director of Strategy and Systems for the Sustainability Consortium, a global consortium of organizations from academia, industry and civil society working to develop product sustainability measurement and reporting systems for consumer goods. Prior to his tenure at the Consortium Jeff served in multiple project management and information technology roles in healthcare and retail organizations.

Jeff serves or has served on both strategic and technical working groups across a number of organizations, including supporting the technical working groups leading the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the Sustainability Advisory Committee of GS1, the Environmental and Social Sustainability Steering Committees of the Consumer Goods Form (CGF) among others.

Jeff graduated summa cum laud with a bachelor’s degree in physics and math from Missouri State University and now sits on the Advisory Board of Missouri State’s Physics Department in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences. Jeff earned a master’s in business administration from the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.