Tony Charles Chief Client Officer

Mr. Charles joined STEELE in 2011 to lead the company’s Investigative Analyst Group. In 2012, he was selected to lead the commercial organization at STEELE, a compliance intelligence and advisory firm with engagements in more than 170 countries. With his passion for helping clients achieve program success, Mr. Charles was promoted to Chief Client Officer in 2016. Prior to his tenure with STEELE, Mr. Charles held numerous leadership roles during his thirteen years at Procter & Gamble Healthcare.

Mr. Charles regularly advises Chief Compliance Officers and commercial organizations at Fortune 1000 companies on benchmarking analytics and implementation strategies for third party management programs. Providing predictive analytics allows companies to anticipate program outcomes and business needs even before implementing their program. He successfully led a ground breaking Analytics initiative at STEELE to mine regulatory findings and adjudication practices from hundreds of thousands of due diligence reports and more than 130 multinational companies in order to help clients benchmark their third party programs against like companies in their own industry.